Shocking Facts & Statistics About the Cleanliness of Hospitals

Everyone needs the assistance of a hospital for themselves or a loved one at one time or another. Hospitals are meant to be places for care and recovery that we can trust. There is no mistaking the bright light and smell of disinfectant that is ubiquitous to US hospitals. It is clear how seriously hospital personnel take the safety of their patients and the cleanliness of their workspace. Their efforts to continually sterilize and sanitize, provide a reassuring atmosphere that lets you know you are in safe hands. However, when it comes to the especially virulent microorganisms that reside in hospitals, looks can be deceiving. A recent study revealed that hospitals are not as clean as we might think. We have gathered some shocking facts and statistics about the actual cleanliness of hospitals that will open your eyes to the infection threat you cannot see. Educate yourself today to understand the danger and know how to protect yourself and your loved ones in the future.


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